Welcome To Valley Referee Association

The Valley Referee’s Association provides USSF certified soccer officials for competitive teams playing with Cal-South, the Arcadia Men’s League and the Simi Valley Adult Soccer League.

Monthly Meeting

Dear Members,

The 2015 Valley Referee Association Annual Dinner will be held on Thursday December 3rd at 7:00pm at the CBS Radford Studios

4024 Radford St Studio City, CA 91604.

The link for directions is: http://www.cbssc.com/directions.htm

All members are invited and each member is welcome to bring one guest.

Please send your RSVP to Mark on a new stand-alone e-mail as soon as you can and include if you will be bringing a guest. Mark Hager



If you haven’t already done so, please start working on your online re-certification for 2016. The test is available on CalSouth.com and should take you about two hours to complete.

Thank you for all the hard work


Please contact a board member with any questions you have.

Effective Immediately

The Cal South State Referee Committee has changed the annual re-certification process for all Grade 8,7,6, and 5 Referees.  All Candidates must register online and pay their US Soccer registration fee. Candidates will then be required to complete the US Soccer test modules according to your grade level online. Test results from the online session will be sent directly to Cal South from US Soccer on a weekly basis. For the complete information document please follow this link Calsouth pdf

New Membership

Information regarding joining the Valley Referee Association should be directed to Mark Hager who will provide the information you need.

Live Scan

This is mandatory for Referees 18 and older if you wish to officiate any games at U19 and below. This must be completed. Check your status on the CalSouth website. If the column on the far right says “APPROVED” then your Life Scan is verified. If blank you will need to contact Sevada for further information.

If you need help registering or getting your Live Scan, please contact Alely Cruz for assistance.


For Referees wishing to upgrade. Contact Andy Reszczynski to schedule the required level games as early in the Coast Soccer Season as possible. Once you are scheduled you need to contact Lee Popejoy to schedule an assessor. At this time you will be required to pay the appropriate fees and your assessment will be set. You will need to be in contact with your assigned Assistants and verify that they are in possession of their current “Registration Card”.

Reference Documents

Check out the new link Reference Documents.

At the August Meeting, Instructor Randall Reyes provided copies of a Memorandum regarding Amendments to the Laws of the Game.

This link will be used in future to provide this kind of information to our Referees.

Remember to check this link regularly.


Don’t forget to check the monthly newsletter for information on our meetings and other stuff you need to know.